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Enriching People and Energizing Society with Color

Since our founding in 1918, we have aimed to be a company that creates a colorful society as a “trading company specializing in color and light”.
Color makes people feel rich and gives them a sense of happiness.
We are committed to providing safe and secure colors for people and the environment while fully utilizing the power of color.

It is said that there are 2,130 traditional Japanese names for colors, 7,500 English names for colors, and 16,777,216 variations of the number of colors commonly reproduced on computer displays. In some cases, professional equipment handles more than one billion colors.
The society around us is filled with such an infinite variety of colors.

While fulfilling our responsibility to provide safe and secure Color to such a society, we would like to further deepen our knowledge of the cultural background of color and cutting-edge technology to enrich the colors around you.

Yamamoto Trading Co,.LTD. 
President and Representative Director
Tetsuo Gunji



Colorful imagination

We give vitality to our customers and society through color and light that harmonize and complement knowledge and experience, and ideas and passion that accept diversity and respect individuality.

We will strive to continue shining brightly.



We aim to be a company that creates a colorful society. (A colorful society is vibrant with a wealth of color, accepts diversity, and shines with individuality.)




We offer the world ideas that impact the future through networks and teamwork.

We pledge to increase the sense of well-being of our employees.




・ Bright Tone: Expertise that generates innovation

・ Pale Tone : Responsiveness that cultivates a sense of security

・Vivid Tone: Speedy ability to take action