Our Message

Who we are

The original of Yamamoto Trading started as a personal business by Sakuzo Yamamoto in 1918 to deal in textile dyestuff.And expanded to Chinese continent before the World War 2. He incorporated ytc in 1953 and started pigments and dyes business representing European suppliers. And today ytc is well-known as a pinnacle supplier of total colouring materials,ranging from pigments for inks,plastics,IT and electronics areas to mention a few.
ytc's sales team are fully equipped with professional knowledge and expertise to discuss and to provide total solution customers.The back up team is also offer professional services for inventory keeping,distribution and other miscellaneous requests from customers/suppliers.

Colorful imagination

We give vitality to our customers and society through color and light that harmonize and complement knowledge and experience, and ideas and passion that accept diversity and respect individuality. We will strive to continue shining brightly.


We aim to be a company that creates a colorful society. (A colorful society is vibrant with a wealth of color, accepts diversity, and shines with individuality.)


We offer the world ideas that impact the future through networks and teamwork. We pledge to increase the sense of well-being of our employees.